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Corporations will spend $385 billion dollars on training and consultants this year according to Forbes. 

That number will increase to over $400 billion dollars in 2021. The average corporate consultant makes $175,000 a year according to USA Today.

If you've never thought about booking corporate consulting gigs, you're missing out. 

You can get paid $15,000 to $75,000 per training, license your online courses for $2,000 an employee, and set up training programs for $100,000. 

The journey to getting all of these perks start with booking your first gig. That's what this self-paced online masterclass will teach you. 

The consulting at corporations space is completely untapped because most entrepreneurs don't know how to get into the space. They're focused on building their business online. 

While the opportunity online is good, the opportunity in the corporate consulting space is even better. You can take what you learned online, into the corporate space, and generate serious revenue. 

Cindy and I know this because we've done corporate consulting gigs at companies in 79 countries over the last six years. We've made over one-million dollars as paid consultants. 

We can teach you how to book your first corporate consulting gig. 

We've helped 100 entrepreneurs book a million dollars worth of consulting contracts at companies in 70 countries. 

This masterclass won't teach you how to book consulting with individuals. You'll learn the exact steps to book your first corporate consulting gig. 
Here's what you'll get:
  • 6 Hours of screen-shared video training that walks you through exactly how to book your first corporate consulting gig. There are three training modules. 
  • Detailed class handout documents that have sample pitching templates, the exact details on how to book your first corporate consulting gig (and more), and details on building social proof. There are documents, including a way to create a corporate consulting contract. 
  • Social proof training on how to get into your first few large publications and use them to book corporate consulting gigs organically. You'll learn how to get into a large publication that pays $10,000 a month for content. 
  • Practical training on how to build your foundation, social proof as a consultant, and book paid gigs. 
  • How to get started​ that includes strategy to start with consulting companies locally, and then move to companies nationally, and internationally. 
  • Self paced-training. This is an online training class that you can take at your own pace. It's not live. Take this as you're ready with a pace that works for you. 
What This Masterclass is Not
This masterclass will not be what you typically see online. We won’t be teaching you high-level strategies that sound good but aren’t practical. We won’t be teaching you tactics that worked five years ago but won’t work now. 

We won’t be teaching you how to book social media, podcast, or Internet marketing industry gigs that won’t pay you to speak. We WON’T be teaching you how to book consulting with individuals. 
What This Masterclass is
This masterclass is step-by-step. You will learn how to create the right foundation, learn how to find and pitch gigs, and get access to documents that will help you book your first corporate gig. 

The focus of this masterclass is booking your first gig at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations all over the world. 
Masterclass Content
  • ​How to build a foundation that entices a corporation to ask for a proposal meeting. 
  • ​The exact elements you need on your online foundation to book corporate consulting gigs. 
  • ​Training on how to figure out what you'll consult on and what topics corporations will pay for. 
  •  The #1 secret to building undeniable consulting social proof. 
  •  The exact social proof corporations are looking for before they open their checkbook. 
  •  How to get into your first few large publications. 
  •  How to use large publications to get organic consulting offers. 
  •  One large publication that pays $10,000 to $14,000 a month for content. 
  •  How to find the best corporations to target when you’re starting out. 
  •  How to create consulting pitches that get opened. 
  •  How to find the right decision makers and how to find their email addresses. 
  •  The best way to approach corporate decision makers. 
  •  Tools and software that helps you book your first corporate gig. 
  •  How to book five-figure consulting gigs within weeks. 
  •  A proven system to book corporate consulting contracts EVEN IF you have no connections, no corporate experience, or you're not sure what you can consult on. 
***This is not a live class and there is no ongoing support or personal access to Cindy or Kimanzi for questions***
Here’s what graduates are saying:

Sonia Thompson

“I’ve taken A LOT of courses over the years to improve my skills and grow my business. I have to say that I’ve never felt like any of those instructors were as personally invested in my (and all of the students) success as Kimanzi has been in this course. It is a wonderful feeling to have that kind of support not just in teaching you the material, but being there with you in the trenches pushing and helping you along as you apply the curriculum.

This is my 2nd course with Kimanzi, and my 3rd time working with him. Through his guidance and teachings, I not only see more clearly all the grand opportunities that are available to me as I grow my business, but I feel well-equipped to go out and seize them. Kimanzi, I can’t thank you enough for the transformational impact you’ve had on me, my thinking, and my business. Muchas, muchas gracias.”

Angela Kambouris

“If you want to expand your unfamiliar zone, stretch your thinking, and move into the world of consulting, then this is your time and course. What can l say, Kimanzi the most generous and humble man who serves with love, knowledge, and wisdom. Do yourself a favor and get into this four-week course and see how doors open.”
What Are You Waiting For?
P.S. There are many programs that can teach you how to become a better presenter. There are many programs that can teach you how to book consulting work with individuals. 

There are not many programs that can teach you how to book your first paid consulting gig at midsize companies, Fortune 100-500 companies, and large multinational corporations worldwide. 

This masterclass does. 
If you’re not familiar with who I am, Hi, I’m Kimanzi Constable. I’m the author of four books that have sold over 150,000 copies. 

You can see my articles in The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, SUCCESS Magazine, AskMen, Mind Body Green, Fox News, The Good Men Project, Yahoo, NBC News, Time Magazine, Business Insider, Addicted 2 Success, CBS News, and over 60 blogs. 

I have booked over a million dollars in consulting contracts at companies in 78 countries. 
Cindy Constable is a global consultant, accomplished speaker, TEDx speaker, and executive leadership expert. She is passionate about delivering extraordinary results. She has spoken on all kinds of stages. She has been on several podcasts and radio interviews. 

She's worked with thousands of people. With over a decade of experience, she has the skills, knowledge, and expertise. She is the former CFO of the city of Ocala, Florida. She has hired and booked thousands of consultants. She has seen every size of consulting pitch and proposal. 

She has insider knowledge of what makes a decision maker open their checkbook. 
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